Aquarians More Likely to Succeed and Turn Celebrities, Zodiac Study Claims

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  • (Photo : Wikimedia Commons) Aquarians have a higher likelihood of succeeding and becoming celebrity

People born between December and March are more likely to turn celebrity later, a new research that links astrology to success suggests.


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Among the zodiac signs, Aquarians are more likely to succeed and become celebrities, the research by Dr. Mark Hamilton at the University of Connecticut concludes. However Dr. Hamilton does not believe that movements of celestial bodies influence people on Earth. Instead, astrology is a good heuristic tool to determine success.

"Astrology is a popular and resilient heuristic scheme for making sense of complex patterns in nature," he wrote in the study published in the journal Comprehensive Psychology.

His scientific explanation for the study's conclusion is that higher age of students born at the start of class year close to September helps them excel during school. This success and advantage accumulated over 12 or more years helps them succeed.

"Causal modeling indicated that although relative age in school (comparative maturity) increased the number of celebrities-per-sign, this effect on fame was largely mediated by ecliptic longitude sequence (ELS) and two other seasonal birth heuristics-wetness of sign (determined by astrological elements) and brightness of sign (determined by sign duality). Birth during depth of season, calculated from quality of sign, also increased celebrities-per-sign," according to the study.

As part of the study, Dr. Hamilton analyzed profiles of 300 celebrities from politics, science, literature, art and sport.

Signs from December through early March are considered 'wet' and was linked to celebrity status. Six signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are also considered assertive, Daily Mail reports.

Being both wet and assertive, Aquarians are more likely to become celebrities, the study concludes.

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