Woman completes psychology college exam while in labour

An unstoppable mother-to-be sat a psychology exam despite being in the labor and racked by the agony of contractions once every three minutes.

The photo has since gone viral with over 15,000 shares.

Collins labored for several more hours - twenty in total - until Tyler Elise was born.

A few people thought I was nuts for turning in a few work-related assignments the same day I gave birth to my second child (he came early on a Tuesday) - but this right here takes the hustle to a new level.

20 hours into her delivery, she was steadfast about completing her college exam in the hospital bed.

No word on what grade she got, but A+ for effort.

This new mom could pass any test.

"This is what you call "Strong Priorities, '" the proud sister wrote".

A Georgia mom didn't let labor pains get in the way of passing her psychology exam last week and there's a photo taking the Internet by storm to prove it.

However, Collins wasn't pleased with her score, and told Fox 5 News that she requested to take the exam again, where she received a B.

The Middle Georgia State University pupil finished the paper before giving birth to a healthy seven pound and 10 ounce, or 3.45kg, girl. In it, Collins wears a green hospital gown focuses on her laptop computer.

Collins, who has an associate's degree in criminal justice, is expected to graduate from the university with her bachelor's degree in the same field in December 2016, Fox reports. She doesn't expect the newborn to deter her from that goal, she said.

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