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Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 21, 2012

The most recent Newsletter from has been sent to readers, and in it lead blogger and curator “Above Average’ Joe is sharing multiple articles and features on survival topics.

The main article is entitled “10 Pantry Items Worth More Than Gold,” and it highlights the most common household items that will be more valuable than any currency or weapon when a disaster strikes and survival is on the line.

“If you’re new to food storage, these staples are a great way to start. They are the longest lasting foods in the world. Most of them are relatively cheap and make great bartering items during a crisis,” wrote Joe in the article.

The article breaks the items down into a few categories, and explains the usefulness of each and why they make good survival supplies. For the most part, the longevity of the pantry items is the biggest benefit, but Joe describes uses for things like white vinegar and hard liquor that most people would never think of.

In the Survival Tip of the Day, Joe focuses on the mentality of arrogance, which he says is defined as “a sense of one’s own importance that shows itself in a proud and insulting way.”

“What may be a common occurrence in other countries such as a food shortage, power outage or even disease can cause widespread panic and hysteria in our modern country,” Joe writes in the article. “In order to overcome arrogance, you need to look outside of your bubble and realize that in many places in the United States, things are not so different than Third World countries.”

The Practical Prepper section of the Newsletter features a review of the Gerber Shard, a new survival tool made by the pocketknife and multi-tool company.

Always honest in his reviews, ‘Above Average’ Joe says that “At first look, the shard appears to be a good solid piece of metal with a nice matte black coating. Unfortunately that is where the shiny toy syndrome wore off. I took the shard out to give it some real world experience and it while it did have a few good key points, this is more of a novelty key chain than a true tool.”

Articles like these are featured daily on, alongside content from other prepper blogs, product reviews, e-book reviews, and a variety of topics on disaster preparation and survival. It is a non-politically biased source that is geared toward the survival side of prepping. Subscriptions to the daily Newsletter brings all of the latest information from straight to readers’ inboxes.

Whether readers need wilderness survival tips or strategies to plan for an urban disaster, covers it all. Well on its way to becoming a preeminent member of the survival blog-o-sphere, is contributing to the conversation and hopes readers do as well.

As Joe and the team like to say, “It’s your life. Prepare to survive.”

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