Ky. officials won’t pursue legal action against Rosemond until federal case is …

Both the Kentucky agency that licenses psychologists and the state attorney general agreed Friday not to pursue legal action against parenting advice columnist John Rosemond until his federal case is resolved.

On Tuesday, Rosemond sued the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and the attorney general, claiming his right to free speech was violated.

U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove granted an injunction Friday that allows Rosemond to publish his column without fear of penalties.

Rosemond is a licensed psychological associate in North Carolina whose column appears in more than 200 newspapers nationwide, including the Lexington Herald-Leader. He is known for advocating an anti-pampering approach to parenting.

Attorney General Jack Conway's office, which provides legal services for the psychology board, issued a cease-and-desist affidavit in May, threatening legal action if Rosemond did not stop labeling himself a psychologist and engaging in "the practice of psychology" without a Kentucky license.

A Kentucky law prohibits anyone from representing himself as a psychologist or practicing psychology in the state, unless he is licensed by Kentucky.

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