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We've very proud to be able to work on projects that benefit society and the community

Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

CreativeTherapy Tools, a company created by Psychology professionals, recently commissioned Ibis Studio to create an interactive website and corresponding book to make communication with patients an easier process. Because it can be difficult for children to understand what emotions they are feeling, Creative Therapy Tools was started with the goal of helping teachers, counselors, and psychologists communicate with them using this new tool called the "Core Book"

Ibis Studio first coordinated with Creative Therapy Tools to develop the interactive "Core Book". In the book, there are heart-shaped caricatures with faces that express varying emotions. Children use stickers provided with the book to match an emotion with the corresponding face. Next to the heart character are spaces for children to write down a time when they felt a specific emotion.

"From a medical perspective, they got all their research done for their product; we simply came in and developed their look and feel," explained Jorge Benito, Ibis Studio's Marketing Manager. He went on to add, "It's usually difficult for therapists to help kids identify their emotions. All other material to help with this identification out there is boring and full of medical jargon. This is a great, interactive approach to get kids to understand what they are feeling and how to recognize a particular emotion."

Once they had created the book, Ibis Studio went to work on CreativeTherapy Tools' website. In addition to building an internet presence for the company, the website needed to be informative and easy to use. The colorful website, filled with informational blogs, is mobile-friendly and responsive. Thanks to Ibis Studio's easy to use web platform known as "MOD", the website's owners are able to quickly log in and make whatever changes they feel are necessary.

The interactive book will be an invaluable resource for use by school counselors and in therapy sessions. Because the book is interactive, children will feel more comfortable learning about their emotions and how they express them. CreativeTherapy Tools, in working with Ibis Studio, is now able to express their research and ideas to the public with a strong internet presence. Ibis Studio welcomed the challenge of creating a tangible product, as well as having a broader impact through their actions.

"We've very proud to be able to work on projects that benefit society and the community" Benito stated.

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