HS football coach compared to Sandusky

FOR WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - As details about the Matt Lindsay case unfolded this week, some people drew a natural comparison to the Penn State case and coach Jerry Sandusky. Of course not all of the details are the same, but certainly the role of coaches with their students.

A local Psychology professor said the Sandusky and Lindsay cases have created a social challenge; how to rebuild trust, our sister station WANE r eports.

"It does make sense that people are concerned and they should be concerned," Assistant Professor of Psychology at Indiana Tech Justin Boyce said.

After the Jerry Sandusky case got national attention, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Indiana Tech, Justin Boyce, said some people consider that case to form their opinions on former Bishop Luers Head Coach Matt Lindsay.

"We have a model that has occurred somewhere else and it led in a particular direction we may naturally assume that our situation will lead in the same direction."

Although Sandusky and Lindsay aren't accused of doing the same thing, Boyce said people are making a connection because they're both longtime football coaches and their cases involve children.

"As a result of our hypersensitivity we may sometimes overreact and maybe see things that aren't there."

Had the Sandusky case not been put in the spotlight, Boyce said people may view Lindsay differently.

"Had we not had the Penn State maybe this would had turned out different. But once we had that model in play then we always look to okay we have this situation where this was going on does it seem like or look like this bigger picture or this other situation."

Boyce said both the Sandusky and Lindsay cases have created a social problem. Some parents may be hesitant now to trust their children with coaches or mentors.

"So, we've had this happen here and we had something else happen nationally in Pennsylvania maybe some dad or mom that may have put their kid into a sport is now reluctant."

Boyce's best advice is to try to withhold judgment until we have all the facts. He said we should give police enough time to investigate it until we form an opinion.

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