Global goodwill ambassadors of Sikh identity

JALANDHAR: Neuroscience, psychology, brain health, Bhangra, Gatka equally fascinate this risk taker and saviour, who demonstrated great courage to save a blind man who fell on a railway track in Boston.
Born in Chandigarh but brought up in the US, 23-year-old Gurteg Singh hit headlines across the globe last month due to his courageous act as he jumped on the track just two minutes before the arrival of the train and pushed the blind man out along with his stick and bag.

A graduate in Neuroscience and psychology Gurteg is working in neuro technology to help quantify daily brain health by monitoring and managing stress and sleep through daily life context. At the same time, he trains kids in Sikh martial art, Gatka, and in the university he taught Bhangra to fellow students drawing trainees from all ethnicities.

Though life has changed after the incident in terms of recognition and appreciation from all strata of the society, the fame has not gone to his head. He says that though he felt good about this fame, his only hope was that most of the people could recognize the importance of helping others and giving time to go out to make someone else's day better.

"I don't see myself being a hero. It was just a human being helping a fellow brother. For me, it was just another day. The reason that day was special though was the fact that I was able to help someone," Gurteg said while speaking to TOI.

While appreciation from family members and friends were natural, they also told him that how dangerous it was and not many people would have done such a thing. "It happened in the spur of the moment. The only thought that came to my head was helping someone who needed my help. I knew his life was in danger and that I needed to do something because that is what my upbringing, culture, and religion has taught me while also recognizing that I am mentally and physically fit to do it. The thought of having my own life in danger didn't even cross my mind," he said.

While Sikhs have been target of some hate crimes due to mistaken identity in the US, the media there while following his story described the danger of what happened and how it was Sikhism related beliefs that taught to help those in need without thinking of the consequences.

"Though this incident has definitely helped reveal to the national public about Sikh identity but our community still needs to get out and help teach everyone about our rich history and culture. We need to partake in daily acts of courage like this or even just simple things as opening the door for an elderly person and feeding the poor and homeless we see on our way to work everyday," he said adding, "We are part of an even bigger religion called humanity."

Amid his all rounder activities and now fame, Gurteg remains concerned about the drug menace in Punjab. "That is the biggest issue Punjab is facing now and that is a big reason to worry," he said.

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