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People's Daily Online)  14:51, July 03, 2013  

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Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

China Entrepreneur Club for Singles held an audition to select women who want to date with rich bachelors in Beijing on June 30, 2013. Candidates needed to go through five rounds of checks for appearance, intelligence, living ability, psychology and health before they got permission to attend the "blind date party with rich bachelors". Except filling out forms, every candidate received each round of test in a room alone.

"Few candidates can reach the final round," the organizer said. A marriage counselor was involved in every round to test the candidate and gave them marks. A candidate's look, ability, wisdom, attitude, psychology, sensibility were taken into consideration in the test. Also the ladies were required to iron clothes, arrange luggage, or take other life skill tests and Tarot test.

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