You Can Get Rid of Fearful Memories, Study Says

You Can Get Rid of Fearful Memories, Study Says

Researchers at the Department of Psychology in Uppsala University had conducted a study recently and have come up with some exciting news that human brains have the capability to throw out bad and fearful memories.

Published in Science, the study says that newly formed emotional memories, which one does not want to recall, can actually be forgotten. A previous study had also released similar findings that fearful memories can be replaced with benign memories when these are no more accepted by a person.

It was told that the changed memories can be kept thereafter. The study this time reveals a slightly different fact that interrupting the reconsolidation process can help. In the meanwhile, it has been found that the process starts following remembering something.

The team says that the process is dependent upon the formation of proteins. Though, memory becomes unstable while one recalls a place or an incident. It is re-stabilized with the commencement of another consolidation process.

Besides, the report discovers that one, when interrupted, does not remember what originally had happened. Rather, he starts thinking of what he was thinking previously.

“The new findings may lead to improved treatment methods for the millions of people in the world who suffer from anxiety issues like phobias, post-traumatic stress, and panic attack”, said author Thomas Ågren.


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