WVU dean’s list

Here is the West Virginia University spring 2013 Dean's List. Students who also made the President's list are denoted with a *.

Cabell County

Huntington: *Lauren Bickerton, Elementary Education; Lee Chirpas, Engineering; Elayna Conard, Public Relations; *David Edmonds, Regents Bachelor of Arts; Jessica Gillette, Occupational Therapy; Jeremy Howerton, Public Relations; *Kailey Imlay, Biology; Joseph Ingram, Computer Science; Jacob Jarvis, Theater; Emma Lafferre, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources; *Kaitlyn McPherson, Pre-Pharmacy; Charlotte Miller, Public Relations; Samuel Miller, Business; Michael Niemann, Biology; *Nikul Patel, Chemical Engineering; Tiffany Shirkey, Pre-Biology; Alexandra Smith, Music; Calla Walters, Pre-Mathematics; Amanda Wilshere, Pre-Biology; *Wesley Wright, Physiology; Jonathan Yancey, Chemical Engineering; and *Taylor York, General Studies.

Lesage: Evan Aldridge, Business.

Barboursville: Ryan Arthur, Psychology; *Andrew Bock, Pre-Political Science; *Morgan Chittum, Pre-Secondary Education and Math; *Andrew Comer, Chemical Engineering; *Courtney Dilcher, Athletic Training; *Aaron Holley, Forest Resources Management; *William Jacobs, Physics; Justin Licklider, Pre-Economics; Rahul Mannan, Exercise Physiology; Kelsey Matthews, Dental Hygiene; and Thomas Wright, Chemistry.

Ona: Kelly Browning, Nursing; and Alexandra Gillispie, Chemical Engineering.

Salt Rock: Trae Caldwell, Mechanical Engineering; Kevin Clark, Biology; and Jessica Hutchinson, Geology.

Milton: *Luke Bowling, Physics; McKinley Conrad, Pre-Pharmacy; *Olivia Doss, Journalism; and *Caleb Shaw, International Studies.

Culloden: *Lyndsey Newlin, Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Lincoln County: Cory Clay, Hamlin, Pre-Criminology; Brandon Coburn, West Hamlin, Exercise Physiology; Justin Coburn, West Hamlin, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering; Rachel Elkins, Hamlin, Pre-Political Science; and Sydney Williams, Tornado, Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Mason County: Jess Bibbee, Point Pleasant, Business Management; Daron Clark, Evans, Pre-Biology; *Claire Cottrill, Point Pleasant, Speech Pathology and Audiology; Jordan Cullen, Letart, Nursing; *Wesley Davis, Point Pleasant, Agribusiness Management and Rural Development; Whitney Dudding, Mason, Horticulture; *James Fairchild, Point Pleasant, Industrial Engineering; Elizabeth Finley, Point Pleasant, English; Ryan Gibson, Point Pleasant, General Engineering; Donald Gilbert, New Haven, Pre-Sociology and Anthropology; Amanda Hannon, Glenwood, Agricultural and Extension Education; Alea Hipes, Point Pleasant, Religious Studies; *Brittany Jones, New Haven, Pre-Nursing; *Chelsea Keefer, Leon, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Jerrod Long, Point Pleasant, General Engineering; *Chase Nicholson, History; Jaden Rhea, Point Pleasant, Pre-Criminology; *Jared Searls, Gallipolis Ferry, Political Science; Linzi Smith, Point Pleasant, Fashion Design and Merchandising; Kayla Thomas, Leon, Pre-Elementary Education; and *Harlee Ziegler, Leon, Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Putnam County

Hurricane: Andrew Anderson, Exercise Physiology; Reid Bailey, Business; *Erin Barthelmess , Biology; *Brennan Bish, Chemistry; Mikella Bray, Pre-Occupational Therapy; *Dylan Carroll, Biology; Jared Carte, General Studies; Erica Casto, Exercise Physiology; Chelsey Chinuntdet, Business Management; Alexandria Cremeans, Biology; *Courtney Cremeans, Philosophy; Josie Crouch, Exercise Physiology; *Virginia Cunningham, Physics; *McKenzi DeFries, Pre-Secondary Education and English; Ali El-Khatib, Pre-Psychology; Jacob Engel, Pre-Business and Economics; *Mallory Engel, Accounting; *Michael Flores, Pre-Criminology; Amanda Gaines, Pre-Elementary Education; Daniel Gilmore, Computer Science; *Breanna Hart, Occupational Therapy; Alexandria Hinshaw, Pre-Nursing; Alicia Hinshaw, Pre-Elementary Education; Elizabeth Jarvis, Pre-Sociology and Anthropology; Matthew Jarvis, Chemical Engineering; *Natalie Jones, Nursing; Ryan Keeney, Pre-Elementary Education; *Andrew Kidd, Business; *Tamatha Kleppinger, Multidisciplinary Studies; *Kayla Kruse, Business Management; *Kathleen Lago, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Julie Leslie, Art and Design; Lauren Lilly, Pre-Elementary Education; *William Lilly, Marketing, *Alexander Martin, Art and Design; Wesley McWatters, Exercise Physiology; Colin Miles, Pre-Nursing; *Katelynn Miller, Psychology; Kartik Motwani, Chemistry; Brandon Neeley, Chemistry; Grace Olson, Art and Design; *Erin Pennington, Nursing; Anthony Petersen, Engineering; *Justin Sayre, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering; Casey Skibbe, Industrial Engineering; *Andrew Stowers, General Studies; James Tolley, General Studies; and *Jennifer Willis, Pre-Occupational Therapy.

Buffalo: Samantha Cart, Journalism; Patrick Casto, International Studies; Miranda Smalley, Psychology.

Eleanor: *Kierra Bays, Nursing; *Megan Casto, Pre-Biology; Hannah Lloyd, Nursing; Corey Moore, Exercise Physiology;

Scott Depot: Connie Beckett, Nursing; *Jordan Bibbee, Business; *Alexa Bumgarner, Nursing; *Stacee Carte, Exercise Physiology; *Erin Carver, Nursing; Kayla Crockett, Social Work; William Daly, Animal and Nutritional Sciences; Drew Goodman, Mechanical Engineering; Kimberly Harpold, Pre-Psychology; *Alexander Hill, Pre-Pharmacy; Alicia Jones, Pre-Secondary Education and English; Areesha Khan, Biology; Beth Kimberling, Fashion Design and Merchandising; Thomas Lyvers, Chemical Engineering; Kristin Mathews, Child Development and Family Studies; Michelle Matson, Psychology; Ashlee Mitchell, Nursing; *Courtney Newman, Pre-Elementary Education; Emily Pearson, Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology; *Rebekah Robinson, Pre-Nursing; Carly Rushbrook, General Studies; Rebecca Samples, Pre-Business and Economics; *James Scheidler, Biology; Charles Schuler, Finance; Jessi Truelove, Pre-Pharmacy; Sarah Veronda, English; Kaitlyn Wagoner, Pre-Occupational Therapy; Kaitlyn Williams, Marketing; *Elizabeth Yoder, Pre-Pharmacy.

Red House: Cole Bowers, Geology.

Winfield: *Richard Cantrell, Pre-Business and Economics; *Rachel Cecil, Art and Design; *Shannon Dent, Art and Design; *Kristin Elswick, Pre-Nursing; Kylie Fox, Pre-Elementary Education; *Megan Long, Elementary Education; Michelle McGettigan, Art and Design; *Alissa Price, Pre-Social Work; Rachel Samples, Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology; Perry Sayre, Mining Engineering; Hilary Woodrum, History; Gwen Wygal, Journalism.

Nitro: Thomas Davis, Geology; Cortney Grigsby, Occupational Therapy; Bethany Yurko, Human Nutrition and Foods.

Fraziers Bottom: *Christen Eaton, Journalism; Alexandra Kirk, English; *Leah Midkiff, Elementary Education; Erica Stricklin, Marketing;

Poca: *Lauren Grubb, Child Development and Family Studies; *Cheyenne Hedrick, Nursing; *Sierra Hedrick, Animal and Nutritional Sciences; Erin James, Biology; Kendall McClanahan, General Studies; Abigail Vorholt, Exercise Physiology; *Heather Wall, Nursing.

Liberty: *Todd Hawley, Regents Bachelor of Arts.

Culloden: Tessa Turner, Communications Studies.

Wayne County: Caleb Adams, Kenova, Pre-Secondary Education and Math; Jacob Adams, Kenova, Civil Engineering; Chelsey Lunsford, Huntington, Public Relations; Dakota McCoy, Huntington, Exercise Physiology; Ephraim Pittore, Wayne, Mechanical Engineering; *Dalton Thompson, Lavalette, Aerospace Engineering; and *Elizabeth Thompson, Fort Gay, Journalism.

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