Wonders of a prayer

More and more people, particularly from the senior age group, believe that to be saved of sickness and grief, medicine alone is not enough; one has to depend on prayers too. This is revealed in a research work by the American Psychology Association (APA).

The study reveals that requests in solitude are more effective than in groups. The report, published in the Journal of Psychology, Religion and Spirituality, says that this tendency has been on the increase since the beginning of the century.

Compared to males, females depended more on prayers. The percentage increased from 51 to 56 in the case of females, while it increased from 46 to 49 in the case of males in the last five years.

Dependence on prayers and holy scriptures increased in the case of youngsters too, under the age of 18 years. Information from 150 thousand members of its Washington branch was analysed and it was found that medical facilities have been modernised in the last 10 years, yet faith on prayers has increased surprisingly high.

Difficulties come in the life of everyone, but the people dedicated to religion and meditation can face them easily. According to Rita Lawrence of Kansas Holistic Center, USA, these difficulties get defeated through prayers with faith in God. These ‘remedies' in fact bring balance in the nature of the person.

The centre worked on a project involving 350 people who visited places of worship, as well those who remained away from them. It was seen that people having faith could face difficult situations boldly, while the non-believer materialists remained disorganised.

Another important conclusion was that in comparison to faith and prayers, meditation gave better results. It did not matter whether meditation was carried in groups or in solitude. Whether the help comes from within or from some supreme energy ‘up there' is yet a matter of research.

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