Woman completes psychology college exam while in labour

But before bringing life into the world, Collins finished her pyschology test while in labor in Macon, Ga. Yeah, determined doesn't even begin to describe this student.

Collins ended up passing the exam with a "B" and then went on to deliver a healthy seven pound 10 ounce baby girl at 9:19 p.m.

Her teacher later told Miss Collins that going into labor is "a pretty good excuse" for missing a test, and that she could have postponed.

Collins told Fox5 News that she could only take the exam that day.

Tommitrise Collins completed the paper in one-and-a-half hours and during three-minute contractions at the Coliseum Medical Centre last week.

Collins said she'll be showing the picture to Tyler when she gets older and as for her education.

While Collins was taking the exam, her sister snapped a photo, which she later shared to her Facebook page.

"If I'm not in too much pain, I'll take it", Collins told her sister Shanell Chapman. "I was determined to stay in school, and determined to have my baby".

"When she sleeps, I do my schoolwork. When she's up, I take care of her", she said. It's not like she called out sick for no reason.

No word on what grade she got, but A+ for effort. When she took the test she wasn't on any medication. So, I hope I showed people that you don't have to stop achieving your goals just because you end up pregnant.

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