Walmart: The place to go for milk, toiletries … a new girlfriend?

"You caught my eye in the bottled water aisle": The Craigslist section called "missed connections," where people write about fleeting glances, brief flirtations and love-at-first-sight magic, is the loneliest, most hopeful corner of the Internet.

Idaho's hot spot: Based on tallies, the local Walmart store is a popular place for Idahoans to pine for strangers. That's according to an analysis published in the February issue of Psychology Today.

Idaho's title: The magazine dubbed the state the "home of the heterosexual male." About 76 percent of missed connections were posted by men for women and 7 percent were men for men - the highest and lowest totals in the nation, the magazine found.

"We saw each other near the microwaves," read an ad posted Tuesday by a man for a woman at the Overland Road Walmart. "We locked eyes and walked past each other. You were wearing black pants and a black shirt."

People in other states prefer McDonald's, football games, their cars and - this is really confusing - their own homes. But Idaho has plenty of company; Walmart is the "missed connections" headquarters for several states, including Montana, West Virginia and most of the South.

Shared vices? The magazine looked at the median age nationally of those posting ads. If the love misconnection happened in an ice cream shop, the median age was 20; a bar, 30; a strip club or adult bookstore, 40.

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