Wake Up Maziwisa, Your Zanu-PF Titanic is Sinking

Published: July 26, 2013


By Joy Muchechetere


Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones Psychology. The psychology of the currently prevailing political climate should be good enough to educate you on which way the wind of change is blowing unless you live in a tower that is far away from reality or you are are Gayigusu living in a remote cave in 1987 believing that war is still on. Please come out from under that rock and meet reality. If it is diamond money making you confused, then be quiet for once.

I just noted with shame and embarrassment your short piece published in ZimEye yesterday on the 25th of July where you vociferously advanced  the lame assertion that Tsvangirai created more babies than jobs in four years. You went on to still run your keyboard by adding that Zanu PF created a million jobs through land redistribution. Finally you stated, “we expect that millions more [jobs] will be created under a properly run Zanu PF.”


Maziwisa smiling admiringly at his nonagenarian boss  outgoing President, Robert Mugabe

Maziwisa smiling admiringly at his nonagenarian boss outgoing President, Robert Mugabe

First of all, your party can fool the people sometimes but not all the time. What can your party do in another five year lifespan that it failed to do in the last 33 years? And which farm jobs are you talking about? Do you mean the farm laborer jobs inherited from the erstwhile colonial regime? Have those laborers not been there since time immemorial? And this time with the indigenous farmer take over, haven’t we become inundated with complaints of poor worker relations? Haven’t you heard of Comrade Chanetsa who pays his workers $10 a month in Tengwe Karoi? Haven’t you heard of many other ministers abusing farm laborers through not paying them anything and practicing slavery in this modern day?

Now that your party lives on promise after promise, what is it this time that it will tell the voter to regain entry into government. By “a properly run Zanu PF” are you implying that all along the party has been in wrong hands? I am glad you acknowledge the fact.

Are you criticizing Tsvangirai as a due installment for public relations or you are being economical with fact? From the way you stated your assertion, you created the impression that your party is organized, cares for the people and will create jobs. I wish you had been faithful enough to proceed and lay out proven facts and figures on where the jobs really are that you mentioned and how your magic wand will bring them from wherever storage they have been given the pace at which your party is plundering national resources like diamonds and wildlife resources. I also wished you had substantiated on your claim that you have plans on a more million jobs that you will only save and release upon being trusted into government after next week’s election.

I am still not sure how “wretched the PM” is because I am yet to hear of one person that the PM drove into the bush by night fearing MDC party thugs or anyone he caused to suffer ever since he got into power. He does not cause accidents or any arson attacks. His people do not beat up villagers for coercion. He goes around preaching peace and better ways to promote community relations. He is loved and admired by many. He is not afraid to walk the streets of Harare, Gweru or Bulawayo. For a test, just tell your leader to try it one day and we check his level of confidence among the people given his infamous heavy hand and selfish policies he is busy pushing down to the people as he shoves them down their throats.

In any case the PM is now a stable man. He married and settled down. Your political party has many other issues. Even Comrade Mugabe admitted yesterday about the small house problem. None is perfect in there. The best way is to keep quiet and invent better lies to lure voters. In case you have nothing to say clothe them with your party regalia and feed them. For a day you can have the electorate but come election time net week, the story will be different.



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3 Comments on "Wake Up Maziwisa, Your Zanu-PF Titanic is Sinking"

  1. Greyhora on Fri, 26th Jul 2013 10:41 am 

    Thank you Joy for putting Maziwimbwa in his kennel. He must just shut his snout up and hallucinate over that handshake from the devil!

  2. Mukadota on Fri, 26th Jul 2013 10:54 am 

    Maziwisa can be forgiven with all those man juices from Peter Roebuck and Saviour Kasukuwere still in his rectum for the twisted thinking and rock diesel anal-sis typical of a zanoid butt fairy.

  3. mbimbindoga mahachi on Fri, 26th Jul 2013 2:00 pm 

    Mazivisa u are not a good mouth peice . u just cost ur party losses. noone in his right frame of mind can vote for zanu. its a tired dying horse.

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