Visiting Fulbright scholar to speak on Bosnia-Herzegovina


A Visiting Fulbright visiting scholar will speak about Bosnia-Herzegovina on Nov. 27

Dr. Vladimir Turjacanin will be hosted by the Russian and Eastern Eu­ropean Studies Department.

Turjacanin is from the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, Ca­lif. He also is an associate professor of social psychology at the University of Banja Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Apart from presenting political context in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its daily interpretations, we will discuss how the concepts of ethnicity and iden­tity are somewhat fuzzy, as in everyday life, so in academia and politics,” Tur­jacanin said. in an email interview.

He hopes to break knowledge barri­ers, and define some conflicts in Bosnia- Herzegovina.

“There are omnipresent social and psychological issues based on ethno-po­litical divisions around the world, which we, as present and future scientists and social actors, must share and learn to deal with,” he said.

The depart­ment chair­woman of psychology Dr. Susan Nolan said that this event will help students link real-world mat­ters together.

“I hope that it will allow students to see a bridge between psychology and other subjects like history and diplomacy,” she said. “I think the issues that he is talking about are really relevant across disciplines.”

Freshman international student Alex Temple said he looks forward to the event.

“I am really excited for this event,” he said. “It seems like a great way to learn about Bosnia-Herzegovina, and also the different sides that can approach such conflicts.”

“It is important for every student of so­cial and behavioral sciences that she or he takes the opportunity of enlarging the knowledge on social phenomena from per­spective of other cultures,” Turjacanin said.

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