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To reach prospective employees, companies are using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and various career-orientated sites like Monster, Indeed and Career Builder. It makes sense that these same companies would also use these websites to review candidates, as well. But this practice has come under great scrutiny in the past year and raised questions of applicants’ online privacy.

It is important that job seekers monitor postings made by themselves and others on their personal social media pages, Twitter accounts or even personal blog pages, removing any photos, comments or shared opinions that could negatively affect the perception of the applicant by the hiring company. Human resource departments, staffing agencies and even school administrators have overriding privileges that allow them to bypass privacy settings for the purpose of ensuring employees emulate the morals, values or behaviors that complement the company’s brand, messaging and image. This means that job seekers need to thoroughly monitor their social media sites, rather than simply turning the settings to “private.”

The scrutiny isn’t just for job seekers. Companies using social media sites also have to be careful about the potential for discriminating against potential employee candidates.

Some hiring organizations bring in professionals with a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to help with the hiring process. Industrial organizational psychology applies research and scientific studies to assess employee thoughts, motivations and attitudes to predict workplace performance in the business context. These professionals are trained in legal and professional ethics for employee selection for both sides of the hiring process.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online-blended Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology designed to train professionals in human motivation and organizational behavior as well as personnel selection, performance appraisal, training, leadership, and motivation. As a blended degree, students can select from a choice of electives to tailor their studies based on their own interests and career goals. Taught by experienced business and psychology professionals, this master’s degree is applicable to any organization or industry.

Students interested in pursuing a career where they can learn the “human side” of corporations and organizations, develop consulting skills and work to build more effective corporations through organizational development should consider the online-blended master’s program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Visit to learn how you can “Unlock Human Potential.”

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