UMS Organises Social Work Day Programme

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UMS Organises Social Work Day Programme

KOTA KINABALU, March 15 (Bernama) -- Universiti Malaysia Sabah's (UMS) School of Psychology and Social Work today organised the social work day programme to expose undergraduates on the importance of social work in community development.

The programme, held for the first time in conjunction with World Social Work Day which falls on March 18 every year, aims to expose UMS undergraduates on their role as agents of change to increase the quality of life.

The programme was launched by the head of Social Work Programme, Risalshah Latif, who was representing the Dean of the School of Psychology and Social Work, Dr Murnizam Halik.

Dr Murnizam in his speech read by Risalshah hopes the programme would strengthen ties among social workers, lecturers and all students of social work at the university.

"World Social Work Day is the brainchild of the International Federation Of Social Work (IFSW), a global organisation, which strives to champion social justice, human rights and social development via the promotion of the social work profession and best practice models."

In conjunction with this programme, the head of the Medical Social Work Unit, Hospital Queen Elizabeth 1, Doreen Edward, was invited to give two lectures on 'Social Work Solution and Advocacy:Working with individuals with disability' and 'Writing reports of comprehensive social work after evaluation by clients'.


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