UCO graduates more than 2000 students in spring

Students graduating from UCO with an undergraduate degree include: Ashkon Shawn Abedi, BBA, Marketing; Joseph Thomas Acquaviva III, BS, Biomedical Engineering; Carla M. Aduddell, BAED, English Education; Iliana Paulina Escamilla Aguilar, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management; Molly O’Neal Alexander, BS, General Studies; Saud Khalid Almaghlouth, BBA, Information Operations; Management–Management Information Systems; Saleh Abdulaziz S. Almalki, BBA, Management-Human Resource Management; Zakrya Abdrabalrasool Alobaid, BS, Industrial Safety; Andrew Lee Andrade, BS, Industrial Safety; Christian Cobb Aven, BBA, Finance; Crystal J. Baca, Cum Laude, BS, Organizational Leadership; Jeremiah Lee Baker, BS, Engineering Physics-Mechanical System; Rusty Lee Barger, BS, Industrial Safety; Jacob Troy Barrus, BS, Accounting; Amanda Grace Beard, BS, Accounting; Caitlin Elizabeth Bell, Summa Cum Laude, BA, English–Creative Writing; Michael Wayne Bell, BBA, Information Operations Management-Management Information Systems; Robbyn Benn, BSED, Elementary Education; Melinda Kay Biddy, BS, Speech/Language Pathology; Maryam Bina, BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice; Joshua Robert Bischoff, BS, Engineering Physics-Electrical Systems; Cheryl Blosser, BS, Nursing; Erica C. Bonavida, BFA, Art-Studio Art and BA, Modern Language-French; Aaron Duncan Bourne, BS, Forensic Science and BS, Computer Science; Charles Michael Braden, BS, Biology; Amelia J. Brewer, BA, Psychology; Alexander J. Buchner, BS, Family Life Education-Marriage Family; Lacie Burton, Summa Cum Laude, BA, Psychology; Ashley N. Butcher, BA, English-Creative Studies; Nicole S. Caldwell, BS, General Studies; Michael Calvert Cannon, BS, General Studies; Laura Katherine Caroselli, Magna Cum Laude, BA, Political Science and BA, Philosophy; Sarah Faye Chandler, BA, Humanitie; Marlo A. Chapman, BA, English; Cody Garrett Cheyne, BS, Industrial Safety; Lena K. Clark, Magna Cum Laude, BFAED, Theatre Arts–Theatre/Communication Education; Brett Ryan Coffey, BA, Criminal Justice-Police; Leah V. Coleman, Cum Laude, BS, General Studies; Amy Brooke Cooper, Cum Laude, BA, English; Jonathan David Cox, BA, Humanities and BA, Philosophy; Michela Anne Creel, AAS, Contemporary Music Performance; Gina Kathlyn Culbeath, BBA, Management-Human Resource Management; Joshua Riley Daffron, Summa Cum Laude, BAT, Technology Application Studies; Carrie E. Dahlgren, Magna Cum Laude, BSED, Elementary Education; Renee Dahmann, BS, General Studies; Vinh Quang Dao, BBA, Information Operations Management-Management Information Systems; Katie L. Daugherty, BBA, Marketing; Elise Janae Dean, BA, English–Creative Writing; Amellia F. Dipasquale, BA, Psychology; Nora Elisse Dorety, BS, Biology; Cade R. Draper, BS, General Studies; Craig Alan Dreilling, BS, General Studies; Tan Huynh Thanh Duong, BS, Accounting; Corey W. Eubanks, BBA, Business Administration-General Business; and Christopher Allen Evans, BS, Biology.

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