Two leading psychologists to give presentation on sources of memory confusion

At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, in Davis Auditorium, two leading psychologists will present: Remembering Fictions: Our Own and Others' Constructions

The presentation will share the intriguing research of sources of memory confusions in our everyday lives. Alan Scoboria, a clinical psychologist in the Behavioral, Cognitive, and Neuroscience Program of Windsor University, will discuss “Deciding whether a memory is fictitious: Insights from nonbelieved memories and false memory formation.” Elizabeth Marsh, cognitive psychologist in the Duke University Psychology and Neuroscience Program, will discuss “Creating Illusions of Knowledge.”

Marsh and Scoboria will each give a brief presentation of their research, which will be followed by an interactive discussion period.

Scoboria will discuss the ease with which people come to believe imagined scenarios of possible life events originating from experienced events. Marsh will speak about her research that examines the ease with which people can incorporate details they encountered while reading fiction (others’ fictional constructions) into their own knowledge about the world.

Sponsors of the research colloquium are the National Science Foundation, Skidmore’s Psychology Department and Neuroscience Program, and the Office of the Dean of Faculty.

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