The Stress Pandemic Has Arrived – Don’t Fall Alseep At The Wheel!

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Paul Huljich, author and one of America's leading stress management experts and global wellness advocates, publishes the second edition of Stress Pandemic, 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress Thrive (Mwella Publishing).

Stress Pandemic, 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress and Thrive by Paul Huljich

Hailed by Psychology Today as "one of this season's most talked about books," and deemed "a valuable resource" by Publishers Weekly, Stress Pandemic outlines "9 Natural Steps" to become more aware of the stressors in your life as well as fortifying techniques to minimize their harmful health effects. Readers who follow Huljich's uniquely powerful and integrated approach can live stress-free, in a natural and holistic way.

"Stress Pandemic contains the practical and powerful keys to mastering stress and living well that I have developed and refined over years of research and experience," states Huljich. "By implementing these LifeReStyle steps into your daily routines, you can free yourself from stress and enjoy optimal health and well-being. It's never too late to start!"

Huljich, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Best Corporation (a leading pioneering organic food company which was listed on the stock exchange), shares his personal story of motivating his company to great success before unmanaged chronic stress overtook his health, plunging him toward a downward spiral which resulted in his being institutionalized. Despite seeking the best care available, Huljich was told there was no hope for his condition. Determined to free himself from his illness, he began to search for a cure. He voluntarily admitted himself to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and the Menninger Clinic in Kansas for treatment. Ultimately, Huljich succeeded in curing his debilitating condition, fortifying himself and mastering his stress.

Huljich is a leading stress expert and management coach, public speaker, and a member of the American Institute of Stress. He has appeared in over 600 radio and television shows and is a blogger for Psychology Today. In Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress and Thrive, Hulijch shares both his personal story of struggle and his path toward complete recovery and optimum wellness.

Stress Pandemic is available nationwide BN and independent stores and

ISBN: 978-0-9848204-0-5. Check for further details.

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