The sexes go online for different reasons

Men and women are using the internet for different reasons, a new study has found. According to research carried out at the University of Bath's Department of Psychology, there are marked variations in the web experiences enjoyed by the two sexes, especially following the rise in popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It was demonstrated that while females spend a lot of time on social network portals, males are more likely to head over to pages related to entertainment, games and music.

The investigation was carried out ten years after a similar study was conducted in 2002 - and revealed differences between net usage for guys and girls has become more distinct in this time.

Dr Richard Joiner, lead author of the report and a member of the British Psychological Society, noted: "Rather than transcending or overcoming gender differences in wider society, internet use by males and females seems to reflect - and in some instances even exacerbate - these broader trends."

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