The Legacy of Hate

The Legacy of Hate

Monday, 08 October, 2012 | 17:57 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Results from psychological tests show that hatred motivated 19-year-old suspect Fitrah Rahmadani to gang up and kill SMA 6 Senior High School student, Alawi Yusianto Putra.

Jakarta Police Psychology Unit chief, Commissioner Adjutant Arif Nurcahyo, discussed the psychological test when contacted last Saturday. According to him, Fitrahs aggressive actions were driven by the collective behavior of SMA 70 students that see SMA 6 students as sworn enemies.

It is already in their subconscious and has become a collective identity that makes them act irrationally, said Arief.

The test that was conducted on Fitrah and three other students with the same cases show that Fitrahs aggressive actions were influenced by the behavior of his friends. Fitrah, who once failed a class, was seen as a hero. It drove him to be aggressive, said Arief.

Arief said the police were investigating the root of the tensions between the two schools.

Fitrah is currently being detained at South Jakarta Police Detention in accordance with Article 338 of the Criminal Code on murder, with a penalty of 15 years in prison, Article 351 paragraph (3) on torture that leads to the death, and Article 170 of on mob violence.

Regarding Article 170 of Criminal Code, the police plan to double-check SMA 70 students that have been investigated as witnesses. So far, the police have confirmed that Fitrah is a suspect.

According to the coordination results with the prosecutors, there is a chance that some of them will be called back next Monday, said Jakarta Police spokesperson, commissioner Rikwanto.

The police have questioned 41 people who involved in the fatal student brawl that broke out on September 24.



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