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Wednesday 9 July, 2014
The impact colours can have on a company’s branding has been well documented, however  Swan Global Direct  surprise businesses by revealing the effects colours can have on sales too, something which has gone unknown even among market leaders. Colour can play a massive role in the success of the business. The colour of a business’ brand or logo is the first port of call many potential customers have with a brand. Obviously business owners are aware of this and aren’t about to advertise their extreme sports company with a bright pink logo, or emblazon their women only car insurance brand with sludgy brown tones as it would convey an inaccurate message of the brands’ identity. Yet, many business owners have failed to recognise the importance that the colour palette also has on sales. Marketers and those working in creative industries have long been aware how the colours chosen for marketing materials can often effect the sales of a product, and Swan Global Direct believe it’s now important for businesses to understand the impact. Certain colours are known to evoke certain emotions and it’s important for businesses to carefully consider the colours they use in order to make the customer want to buy their product. For example, gold and purple are colours closely associated with luxury and elegance. These colours are regularly used to entice customers towards a product which is of a higher quality to alternatives on the market, which if the product is offered at a competitive rate, will motivate the customer to buy. All colours evoke a very specific response and here Swan Global Direct reveal just what colour psychology can do for a business’ marketing campaign. Red, thanks to many retailers is closely associated with discounts and special offers, making it a great attention grabbing colour. Many customers react well to powerful red hues in their attempt to unearth a bargain deal. Yellow commands attention, and when used correctly and sparsely, it can help create a fresh, youthful marketing campaign that oozes confidence. However, using too much yellow in a campaign can be off putting and overbearing for a potential customer. Orange is an interesting colour choice, conveying a message of energy and its attention grabbing hue gives the impression of a cutting edge company. This is great for those in the technology industry. Black can be used successfully for many different marketing campaigns. Used alone it can be sleek and professional, however used together with another colour adds drama. A good example of this is Mobile network provider Orange, who ran a successful marketing campaign using a mix of orange to display innovation, with a dramatic black background. Blue is reserved for the most trustworthy and cool brands. Mixing blue with complimentary colours will have a calming effect on potential customers, leaving them feeling level headed and happy when making a purchase decision. Swan Global Direct are a Newcastle-based direct marketing firm who, thanks to working with a wide range of clients, know the importance of accurately conveying a client’s message through their marketing campaigns. Their vast  experience  in the sales and marketing industry has given them a vital insight into the how colour can impact sales. They regularly use this knowledge to create successful marketing campaigns, unique to each client’s needs. By focusing on direct marketing techniques, Swan Global Direct allows their clients to meet customers face to face and get an instant reaction to their campaign. Swan Global Direct encourage more businesses to consider the messages their business is conveying through their branding and marketing campaigns, especially those who are experiencing low sales.

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