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Susy Golderer

Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Education

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What community do you live in? Parsippany

How long have you lived there? Since Dec, 1995 – almost 19 years

How old are you? 51

Family information: Married to Jeff, 4 children ages 30, 27, 13, 12

What is your education background? I have a degree is BA in Psychology with specialization in Industrial Organizational Psychology 1998

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? I have over 29 years experience in various areas of management. I believe very strongly that education is key to personal advancement and opportunity. During my first term as a school board member, I earned my certification from the NJ School Board Association – I am a certified Par-Troy board member!

Why are you running for this elected office? To represent the taxpayers and parents in order to provide the best education to our children in the most cost effective manner.

What are the three issues that most concern you? Being able to remain fiscally responsible within the 2% budget cap that was imposed on all NJ School districts. Doing more with less.  2. Increasing opportunities for students to achieve an education that will allow them to succeed in this competitive world we live in. 3. Attempting to make sense of this highly regulated Educational system we have, it puts pressure on the staff, students and administration. There is not one person who is not motivated by success, but can sometimes get lost in the details of the reporting that id expected of everyone.

Explain your proposed approach to managing these issues.

Being as involved in the new budget process that is being initiated by our new Superintendent a real zero based approach.

Learning more about how to deliver Educational Concepts that will yield high results while creating a more exciting and richer learning environment for the students. There are many exciting programs that we can offer our children, while I do not create or offer the programs I spend a lot of my free time going to courses and workshops so that I can better understand programs that are recommended by the administration. I like to remain open to all sides of the conversations so that we as a district don’t miss out on opportunities that can potentially take our district to a much higher level.

Again, by remaining open minded about change and new programs, I try and understand what benefits can be achieved from change though I may not always readily understand or agree with what is being proposed by the administration. The “we have always done it that way” or “we are comfortable with what we have now” does not always allow for improvement. Change for the sake of change is not good, but we should give ourselves the opportunity. The car, the IPhone, Android phones, laptops, tablets have all come about from change. We live in a world where information is key to all we do. Imagine our district surpassing any dream that we could imagine for our children. I do, I sincerely see us doing all the great things other districts do, such as having an association with area hospitals in where they allow students into their surgical rooms be it in person or via video conferencing, other districts do, so can we.

Have you held elected office before?  I am currently a board member since April 2011.

What organizations do you belong to? NJ School Board Association, National Notary Association, CMS PTSA, District 21 County Committee



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