Suzanne Tebbutt

City councillor, Cambridge Ward 4

Age: 40

Occupation: Professor

Educational background: Honours Bachelor of Arts: Major in Philosophy, Minors in Politics and Psychology; Bachelor of Education: Secondary School Teaching. Teachable are: Politics and Social Sciences; Master of Arts: Major Area: Religious Existential Philosophy, Minor area: Eastern Religious Philosophy; PhD Course Work Completed: Focus on Political Religious Philosophy, with courses in Political and Religious Extremism, Globalization, Diaspora, History of Genocide/Violence, and Critical Theory in Political Religious Thought.

Political background: This is my first time running for office. I do not belong to a political party but ideologically speaking I am slightly to the left of center.

How long have you lived in the city/town in which you are seeking office: I have lived in Cambridge for nine years and in Waterloo Region for 11 years.

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Tell our readers about yourself: I teach politics, conflict management, ethics, and world religions at Conestoga College. Currently, I am on the Board of Directors at Supportive Housing of Waterloo and I do additional committee work at SHOW.

I am also the chair of a community group that is trying to mitigate the impacts of a new development.

Residents in Ward 4 should know that I will always make long-term, ethical and thoughtful decisions at city hall. I will use my skills in researching and analyzing to delve into issues and look for all sides of an argument. I will lobby for the motions I believe in and stand by the things I do not believe are good choices. I am an approachable "people-person" and I am open to listening to all ideas and working collaboratively with stakeholders to reach satisfying solutions.

What are the 3 issues that you believe need the most attention in your municipality (school board)? What do you intend to do about those issues if elected?

Major infrastructure improvements have been neglected and we need to commit to major changes. I will lobby for building a by-pass road. Secondly, we need to revitalize the downtown core by helping to bring in new businesses/long-term jobs and intensify core development.

I will join committees that focus on core revitalization and I will form collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders. Cambridge needs a Go Train service and the Ward 4 Malcolm Street Station is ideal; I will support collaborative partnerships with the provincial government and work towards making this happen.

Do you have, or have you ever had a criminal record?


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