Survey: 1 in 10 female students at UO say they have been raped – The Register

Slightly more than one-third of surveyed female students at the University of Oregon say they have had at least one sexual experience without their consent, preliminary results from a University of Oregon professor’s survey show.

The initial findings also show that an average of 10 percent of female respondents said they have been raped.

Psychology Professor Jennifer Freyd and her graduate students — Marina Rosenthal and Carly Smith — presented the findings today at a University Senate committee meeting. The group is charged with studying the UO’s sexual assault prevention and support policies.

Of the male students surveyed, 14 percent said they have experienced an unwanted sexual encounter and 0.3 percent said they have been raped.

Nearly three-quarters of students who had a nonconsensual sexual experience said they knew their perpetrator. The overwhelming majority of perpetrators — 87 percent — were men.

About 980 randomly selected students completed the survey between August and September. The majority of participants were white women, between the ages of 18 to 21, and were registered as UO undergraduates for fall classes.

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