Sheena Bora’s friends looked for her, faced ‘threats’

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Soon after Sheena Bora went “missing” in 2012, some of her school friends reportedly went to Mumbai to look for her, but they were allegedly threatened.

“When she became unavailable on e-mail and phone, and her Facebook account was also deactivated, there were rumours that Sheena had gone missing. Some of our friends went to Mumbai to look for her. A couple of them contacted Indrani Mukerjea and asked about Sheena. They were not only snubbed, but also threatened. They are still scared to come out and tell the story,” said Joyraj Sadhanidar, an engineer, who studied with Sheena from Class I to Class X in Disneyland School here.


He refused to disclose the identity of the friends who went to Mumbai.

“Sheena last came to Guwahati in November 2011 to attend the wedding of a school friend. She was here for a couple of days. A few months after she returned to Mumbai, she became incommunicado,” said Sadhanidar.

“Some of us met her brother, Mikhail Bora, who said Sheena had shifted to the US. Some of our friends who live in Mumbai were also told that she had shifted to the US,” he said.

Sadhanidar said he had met Sheena in Mumbai “once or twice” when he had gone there on official work.

“I clearly recall she showed us all a costly ring and said her ‘ring ceremony’ with Rahul (Peter Mukerjea’s son from his previous marriage) had already taken place and they would get married soon. She told us it was a quiet ceremony… I think it was a platinum or diamond ring,” he said.

“When I met Mikhail during Durga Puja last year and asked about his sister, he said she had fallen out with her mother in Mumbai and was subsequently sent to a rehabilitation centre,” said Sadhanidar.

Sheena’s friends, however, said they did not know that Indrani had introduced her as her sister.

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