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First things first: The Powerball numbers for Saturday night were 1-10-37-52-57, with a Powerball of 11.

Second thing: The jackpot rose to $334.1 million, Powerball officials said.

Powerball officials on Thursday projected a $310 million jackpot, which would have made for the highest available payout ever in Florida. But that $310 million was based on estimated ticket sales -- and they have exceeded the forecast.

The advertised jackpot during the day was $325 million, but as the numbers popped out of the hopper Saturday night, the announced figure was $334.1 million. Considering it was only $200 million last Saturday night, that's quite a run on tickets.

Powerball's record jackpot is $365 million and Mega Millions has the U.S. record at $390 million -- both of which would get smashed if we get one more rollover.

I'll do an update Sunday morning, when we find out the location if any winning tickets were sold. (Unless, of course, you hear them say "Plantation" and it was my ticket, in which case, this blog will not be updated.)

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