Nothing can bog down city’s youth

CHANDIGARH: A day after actor Jiah Khan's suicide shocked the country, a debate on how prone youngsters are to day-to-day problems raged in the city.

Fortunately, the City Beautiful has full of life, optimistic youth who would "not give in" to the pressures of love and professional life. Psychologists, too, appreciate their positive strain.

Psychologists at Panjab University and city colleges said every month, they counselled over 15 students who suffered a heart-break. "But the clients, who are between 18 years and 22 years, never talked about ending their lives. Rather, they looked forward to exploring new opportunities and living their lives to the fullest," they added.

Harpreet Kanwal Chhabra, associate professor in PU department of psychology, said, "I come across five to 10 such cases in a month. It's their personality that determines their response to a situation. A relationship is nothing but a psychological dependence and bonding. An end to it creates a vacuum which no body wants to live with. So, they talk about it and try to explore other opportunities."

Geeta Bhagat, head of the psychology department at MCM DAV College, said, "Jiah's case is the result of failure in relationship and career. At this age, youngsters are quite sensitive. If the situation is taken care of in a proper way, then its adverse effects can be checked. Youngsters can easily come out of it if they have hobbies, proper guidance and friends to share their problems."

The youth, however, feel that nothing can bog them down.

Manvi of MCM DAV College said, "Today's youth prefer discussing such issues with their parents who help them deal with problematic situations in a better way." Reeba of PU hostel number 7 said, "We can always turn to our family and friends to overcome such failures. We should not let them rule our life."

Rupinder of PU hostel number 4 said, "When I face failure, I try focusing on the brighter side of my life. It helps me tide over the difficult phase."

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