Northern New Mexico provides backdrop to woman’s search for meaning

(PR NewsChannel) / February 21, 2012 / ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. 
Weather's Store

"Weather's Store" by Thelma Giomi

Driving through Cimarron Canyon, clinical psychologist Thelma Giomi caught a glimpse of a small store with a wrought-iron sign that read “Weather’s Store,” a sign that inspired her novel, “Weather’s Store: Encounters with the Sacred” (ISBN 1460930584). Readers facing crises of self-doubt or uncertainty in their lives may find encouragement in Dr. Giomi’s novel, which chronicles a journey of self-discovery.

Disillusioned with her life, Jessie Eaton embarks on a drive with no destination in mind. Traveling through northern New Mexico, she notices a sign, “Weather’s Store.” Jessie stops and finds herself in a place where she encounters Weather, the store’s enigmatic owner; Maya, a healer and weaver; terrifying Indian witches; Marta, the herbalist; and Mateo, Marta’s son, with whom Jessie develops a romantic relationship. Jessie experiences an adventure spiked with spiritual and life-transforming aspects that challenge every perception and opinion she ever held.

Kirkus Reviews says of Weather’s Store: “Alternately frustrated, confused, awed and intrigued, Jessie comes to a deeper understanding and acceptance of her destiny through these mystical mentors and guides. Unlike traditional novels, Giomi’s work presents a series of parables and haikus utilizing the land, cultures and people of New Mexico….Giomi doesn’t romanticize the primitivism and poverty of this part of the world while recognizing its power, beauty and sacred quality and respecting its wisdom. Weather is represented literally by rain, winds and snow and becomes a metaphor for the tempests of the human spirit. One woman’s search for self in New Mexico achieves an abstract, meditative beauty. “

 “Weather’s Store: Encounters with the Sacred” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: An award winning poet, author, psychologist and public speaker, Thelma Giomi earned her Ph.D. in clinical and developmental psychology from the University of New Mexico. Her name appears in various Who’s Who listings. She has worked at the University of New Mexico Mental Health Center with appointments in psychology and psychiatry. In private practice she works with issues of well-being, creativity and living constructively with chronic illness. Giomi was awarded first and second place in the Albuquerque Tribune Poetry Contest as well as the Silver and Gold Poets awards from the “World of Poetry” and is published in numerous anthologies, including “The Enabled Writer,” “The Best of the Enabled Writer,” “Sparrowgrass,” “Crosswinds Weekly,” “American Poetry Annual,” “National Library of Poetry,” “The American Poetry Association” and many others. She is frequently published in newspapers and newsletters. Giomi is the author of three novels, “Weather’s Store,” “Running from Mercy” and “Telling Stories in Daylight,” and four books of poetry: “Jaleo,” “Winter’s Invitation,” “The Beagle Blues” and “Weaving the Wind.” She is a member of Southwest Writers Workshop and New Mexico State Poetry Society. In all aspects of her work and writing she emphasizes the indomitable will in each of us to find inspiration in the world around us and empower our lives with renewal and vital purpose.

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