KSU Offers Forensics Master’s Program

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky State University is offering a forensics master's program.

The State Journal reports the program will combine aspects of psychology, criminology and sociology, and that it will provide students with multiple career pathways into the justice system or give them a foundation for continuing research.

Professor Mara Merlino, who helped design the program with colleague Tierra Freeman, said increased demand calls for both.

"Forensic psychology is a very broad field that in some way is a service to the justice system," Merlino said. "The degree is a research degree that will prepare our students for either more research which is needed in the courtroom or to enter into the prison system, public administration, child custody cases or for personnel evaluations in the justice system."

The program will require students to take 45 hours of class time over five semesters.

Interested applicants should apply to the Kentucky State University office of graduate studies.

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