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Ivy Child has launched Violence Prevention Programs designed to teach children mindfulness, self-regulation, and leadership and equip participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance emotional intelligence, build resilience, peacefully resolve conflict, and learn coping skills to mitigate the seasons of life. The programs educate youth worldwide on the risks, hazards, and impact of violent behavior and instill peaceful conflict resolution using a three-tier model intended to reach children (from pre-school through grade 12), caregivers, and community members.

Worcester, MA (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Founder and President of Ivy Child International, Rose Pavlov joined News Talk 580 WTAG/CharterTV3 to discuss the launch of Ivy Child’s Violence Prevention Program which is based on positive psychology and designed to provide research-driven, pro-active tools to address mental health needs of children, caregivers and communities. Pavlov provided information about the science and success behind cross-cultural positive psychology and shared Ivy Child’s innovative initiatives through the foundation of mindfulness techniques offered through a variety of multicultural curriculum-based programs worldwide.

"Violence in our communities from Newtown to Delhi and right here in our city is a public health issue. We must carefully assess how we treat each other and those in critical need of help. Our three-tier approach of educating not only the children and youth, but also the caregivers and community members involves parents, foster parents, teachers and even providers,” said Pavlov, “There must be a strength based multifaceted approach when addressing violence and conflict.”

Through Ivy Child’s Violence Prevention Programs children learn positive life skills and are encouraged to manage themselves while using their breath as an anchor. The focus is drawn to the invaluable space between stimulus and response, to prevent impulsive tendencies. Ivy Child’s Violence Prevention Programs are uniquely designed to imbibe healthy habits through a variety of strength-based approaches focused on exercising mindfulness and positive psychology in every aspect of daily life. The science behind positive psychology is founded on the idea that happiness comes from having and meeting challenges, choosing one’s own goals, and creating meaning in life.    

Ivy Child’s prevention approach to mental health issues includes acclaimed curriculum-based learning programs such as “Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids”, “Bullying Prevention and Leadership” and an array of additional unique health programs. The Ivy Child mission is to ‘help each child achieve their best’ by recognizing and enhancing their unique strengths and abilities while encouraging and enabling families to participate in the growth of their child.

As a cross-cultural positive child specialist, Pavlov pioneers cutting edge mental health tools that are culturally sensitive and translates how cultural factors influence positive behavior. In 2011, Pavlov founded Ivy Child International to develop and facilitate research-based curricula centered programs for communities across the globe. With an essential focus on strength building and emotional intelligence, Ivy Child integrates the importance of bridging ivory tower to main street through careful consideration of cross-cultural assets.

Visit Ivy Child’s community partner, UNICEF, to learn more about Life Skills-Based Education, violence prevention, and peace building.

Visit http://www.ivychild.org to learn more about Ivy Child’s Violence Prevention Programs.

“Between the stimulus and response, there is a space…” ~Viktor Frankl


Ivy Child International is a leading resource for caregivers, educators, community agencies, and healthcare organizations to receive guidance and instruction on creating a healthy child-centered environment. We offer customized curricula to address the most pressing issues of today. Our premier programs teach conflict resolution skills, self-regulation, and cultivate cross-cultural understanding. We conduct and present our curricula in schools, after-school programs, hospitals, community centers, etc.

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