ICYMI: ‘Geek Psychology’ And Anorexia’s Place In Literary Fiction

ICYMI Health features what we're reading this week.

This week, we read two unusual pieces that expanded the way we think about disordered eating. One article explored the cultural factors stacked up against women from immigrant families with eating disorders -- particularly the mismatch between parents forcing food on them (while simultaneously expecting them to be slim), and the pervasive misconception that anorexia is a white woman's problem.

The other, a first-person essay, took a deep dive into anorexia's role in literature and history, shining a light on writing by "glamorous" female anorexics -- from Silvia Plath to Louise Glück -- continues to haunt and trigger modern-day women.

Read on and tell us in the comments: What did you read and love this week?

1. Instruments Of Oppression -- HuffPost Highline

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