IBM Watson looks into the psychology of Twitter

News: SocialBro launches Watson-powered product to tailor Twitter ads.

Twitter marketing platform SocialBro has introduced an IBM Watson powered product named 'Personality Insights' that is capable of visualising audience personality traits, enabling segmentation at a psychological level.

It uses the IBM Watson Personality Insights API, which analyses a wide array of personality attributes to help developers find actionable insights about people and entities.

The service outputs personality characteristics into three dimensions, which includes the Big 5, Values, and Needs.

According to SocialBro, the new service will provide an unmatched depth of targeting and relevance, as it will examine the psychology of language behind the tweeted content and visualise it, which will allow marketers to grab the pulse of their audience.

The insights could be used to build precise targeting strategies, improve response rates and enhance the strategic direction of campaigns.

SocialBro CEO Javier Buron said: "Insight-driven digital marketing is now a given and one of the amazing things about Twitter is the richness of data publicly available.

"Now personality-driven marketing is no longer a vision for the future and is a present reality."

According to a recent study by the team behind Watson's Personality Insights API, Twitter users with certain personality traits are 40% more likely to redeem a coupon and some are twice as likely to click through on Twitter Ad campaigns.

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