FirstAnswers launches online mental health resources

In an effort to make mental health help more accessible, First Answers has launched a wellness website full of free and fee-based resources.

The purpose of the site is to provide practical online mental health tools to people seeking all levels of care, said Dr. Rob Dindinger, an Orem-based clinical psychologist and content provider.

Dindinger began his career in psychology in Alaska where the amount of mental health resources available was limited, he said. With the help of resources like FirstAnswers, people unable or unwilling to receive care through traditional methods will have easier, more convenient access to the help they need.

On, users can find content and courses on a variety of topics, including addiction recovery, communication in relationships, weight loss strategies, and depression and anxiety treatment. In addition, users can reach recovery coaches and pay to virtually connect with licensed professionals.

Not only will it be a resource for people with limited access to care but it can be a starting point for people who have questions and aren’t sure where to begin, he said. For example, the site can offer an authoritative voice on topics like defeating pornography addiction or working through the sorrow and grief of losing a loved one.

Especially for issues many insurances don’t cover -- such as tools for parenting a child with autism -- the site acts as an affordable alternative, Dindinger said.

This site has more than 45 self-help courses available for purchase. In addition to written material, many of the courses include multi-media, offering users a more interactive experience, said Brett Scoresby, the site’s director of marketing communications.

There is a lot of information out there, but people often don’t know what to do with it, he said. The courses are written by licensed professionals and designed to show readers what steps to take to get started with expert-recommended action plans.

Additionally, users can select a coach or licensed expert in their area -- the resource portal has contractors in every state -- and make an online reservation. Then, at the client and contractors’ discretion, the two can connect via phone, email, instant messenger or video chat.

“When it comes to mental health, you want someone who understands you,” Scoresby said.

The site was created by a committee of mental-health experts in cooperation with Child and Family Psychology, an Orem-based practice.

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