February 16, 2012 , 9:32 AM by Charlotte King

Charlotte's Web - Thursday February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 , 9:32 AM by Charlotte King

Today on Charlotte's Web:

What makes something a craving? Why do we crave what we crave?

Michael McKenzie interviewed Associate Professor Eve Kemps from the Department of Psychology at Flinders Uni in Adelaide about this on Radio National.

The Professor said the earliest recorded food craving dates back to the 17th century – a man travelling to Paris made a passing comment in his journal about what we now know as food cravings – a strong desire for food that wasn’t a need for food.

And what was it about? You can probably guess. 




Chocolate, a new substance recently brought over from the Americas to Europe.

Check out the story here.



Helping a mate to tame the black dog...

The battle with depression is felt by as many as 1 in 5 Australians each year - and for people in remote areas it can be particularly tricky to get help.

But a website called Help a Mate is making it easier and more discreet to get advice about what they’re going through. 

The ABC’s Caddie Brain spoke to Noel Trevaskis from rural NSW about his experience of depression and how this new site may have help rural Australians who are struggling. 

To access the program, you first need to become a member here. It's free, just enter your full name and email and you're away.


Closer to home, if you missed our coverage of the Tongan worship day earlier this week, which was celebrating unprecedented VCE success for the community, you can hear the story on our website.

I’m off to Sydney for two weeks of training – so happy webbing until then. 


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