Experts: Psychology of Feminazis Finally Revealed

Feminazis are extreme feminists, and as much as they hate men, they hate themselves more, a new report by a team of researchers into the schizoid psychosis of extreme feminism revealed.

“These women who spout such extreme hatred towards any form of masculinity are trapped within a vicious circle of self-hatred and their only discourse is to lash out at men because they feel such emotional pain within their own psyche.

“The feminazi doctrine is to ‘kill all men’ and they even have a popular misandric twitter hash tag #killallmen that is frequently updated by extreme feminists fantasising about how they wish to conduct mass genocide against the male species.

“Feminazis have even infiltrated mainstream newspapers like the Telegraph and Guardian, and are celebrated for their vicious hate-filled articles by the editors of these papers simply because of the clickbait nature bringing in the commenting men, who are naturally protesting such obvious baiting methods but boosting the advertising revenue.

“Our studies sought to define the make up of feminazis and to mark out the boundaries of any correlating variables associated with the women’s movement dedicated to the misandry driven hatred of men.

“What we found was interesting not only to our ongoing study but also in relation to the overall relationship between the sexes.

“Feminazis do not want equality, because equality between the sexes has already been achieved. They want supremacy over the male, and in most cases, they want men to be eradicated completely by any means possible. Women’s emancipation has already occurred, however the feminazi wants to go two or three steps further, to erase masculinity in all its forms completely. This is a new strand of more extreme feminism, that in itself undoes any work done by feminists in previous eras.

“Feminazis like Charlotte Broadman have even infiltrated the courts of law, as have Claire Cohen, Emma Barnett and Radhika Sanghani, the mainstream newspapers. These angry young women want their pound of flesh, equality was not good enough for them, they want complete superior control, stemming from their own self-hatred and detestation of the father, they want men to be subjugates to their power mad ‘superiority’.

“The futile hypocrisy of the feminazi also explains their devotion to shutting down any form of discourse that does not agree with their skewed emotion fuelled illogical point of view; they have hijacked the twittersphere and all social media where to question them in any way means an instant ban of your account. Mainstream newspapers, especially the Guardian do not allow comments to a feminazi article writer that is contrary to their extreme point of view, therefore through the cover of being female, they have the full support of whichever vehicle they are using to disseminate their hatred of men. Throughout history, the shutting down of free speech has always been under the constrains of totalitarian regimes like the National Socialists and Soviets and this is where feminazis fit in perfectly.

“The American feminazi, Lena Dunham, is another example of extreme views being celebrated, where she wrote in her tell-all book of how she sexually abused her own sister during her youth in intricate detail, but because she was a ‘progressive feminazi’ and a liberal celebrity this was brushed under the carpet and applauded by her supporters.

“Feminazism is not only a dictatorial, totalitarian movement fuelled by hatred but it is also nihilistic in its destructive force, it fractures societies and seeks to annihilate complete swathes of the human population by its skewed imposition.

“Is feminazism dangerous? Yes it is as it creates division in society, however it is not dangerous in the real sense as these confused people cannot do anything genocidal with their hatred apart from abort male babies. The despicable part of the feminazi is that if they find out their baby is male, they will have the baby aborted out of spite then parade the news around as a trophy, proud of their hatred. A feminazi killing her own male child, is in fact killing a part of herself, but she holds so much self-hatred she is blinded by her own misandric fury.

“The feminazi hates being female, they hate biology, they hate nature, and most of all they hate themselves more than anything else. They are pitiful creatures fuelled by hatred and need rehabilitative medical help.”

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