Dylan Hartley seeing sports psychologists to curb temper problem, reveals Lewis …

"The worrying thing for me is that Dylan still keeps having these moments
of red mist, and that will mean that teams will pick on him more and more.

"There is a concern over his temperament in games, but that said, Dylan
is a very physical, competitive, combative forward who you always want in
your team.

"It's just at what point does Stuart say 'right, your behaviour is now
costing the team'.

"It is frustrating to watch and I'm sure it's frustrating to him that it
keeps happening, so there's got to be a way for him to deal with his emotion
and to be able to control it," Moody added.

"I'd hate for him to have any more incidents or his England career to be
stopped short because of something he does.

"I know Stuart Lancaster and the squad have been working very hard with
him, and that he takes it very seriously.

"I was very proud to deal with it, it never stopped me playing the game
with the same passion either.

"And hopefully Dylan can deal with it now too."

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