DNA haiku contest winner

And the winner of the DNA haiku contest is dpasquantonio, for this beautiful thought:

A spiral staircase
Each step makes you what you are
But not who you are

dpasquantonio, e-mail me and I'll get you set up with tickets to "Photograph 51."

Congratulations to all who entered! Entries ranged from the spiritual --

"Almighty spell check
Copy and paste for children
Hidden file stores soul" (zakafury)

.... to the forensic

"Broken glass from crime
A drop of blood left behind
Genetic mugshot" (leopardlabcoat)

.... to the opinionated

Is going to tell us more
Than from genes alone (What-if)

... to the deeply personal.

"Gassy, smelly farts
So rich to the nose
Dad, I hate your DNA" (Boomerski)

Have a wonderful weekend, all you beautiful snowflakes.

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