‘Cirque Shanghai’: Enter the Dragon

There's a quiz you can take called the Sensation Seeking Scale, developed by Marvin Zuckerman in the department of psychology at the University of Delaware. Sounds dull, but it has true-false questions like, "I like wild parties," and, "I prefer friends who are excitingly unpredictable," and it's the standard tool for measuring your appetite for thrills. "Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon" is the annual show on Navy Pier that has plenty of awe-inspiring acts like Chinese acrobatics and death-defying motorcycle stunts (performed by others — you just get to watch).

Why go: You'd rate yourself somewhere between a couch-bound TV enthusiast and a naked bungee jumper.

Reconsider: Even chair balancing gives you vertigo.

Details: Through Sept. 3 (Labor Day) at Navy Pier Skyline Stage, 600 E. Grand Ave.; $15.50-$29.50; ticketmaster.com

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