BS Psychology – Organizational Behavior

Successful organizations recognize individual differences in culture, ethnicity, gender, age and behavior to promote an interactive and collaborative environment. Many of the emerging trends in the field of psychology can be introduced to a workplace setting to address questions about human behavior in organizations.

Colorado Technical University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Behavior is designed so students could understand how to apply knowledge of the major concepts, theories, research findings and key thought leaders in the field of psychology to the real world behavior of individuals and groups in an organization.

The core curriculum can provide a solid foundation in key psychological concepts, perspectives and skills that explain human behavior. You may then be presented with an opportunity to learn additional knowledge in organizational behavior by taking concentration courses designed to help you equip yourself with subject-area expertise.

The concentration in Organizational Behavior is structured so students could learn critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical frameworks, communication and leadership skills.

The robust and rigorous curriculum is designed so you could learn industry-current knowledge of the application of theories from environmental psychology, positivist psychology and personality theory to promote a sustainable, safe and motivating workplace.

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