BPS boosts folding productivity by 20% with Horizon

The British Psychological Society is the latest operation to install the UK’s top selling automated B2 combination folding system – the Horizon AFC-566F from Intelligent Finishing Systems.

The ability to interrupt long run jobs to complete urgent shorter runs is one of the key benefits the Leicester-based inplant is enjoying, and the result is a significant boost to productivity, as print manager Hitesh Sharma explained, ‘You can change over jobs very easily which makes us 20 per cent faster. We can now interrupt long runs and save the settings, run shorter jobs and then switch back again. It is very quick. Before on the older folder it would have taken us too long to makeready each job so we would have had to wait for the longer run to be completed. We are much more flexible now.’

The variety of fold patterns pre-programmed into the Horizon’s touchscreen software is proving to be another potential work-winner for the largely self-sufficient operation, ‘We tended to stick to the same folds but with the touch screen set up we can offer lots of different options. It’s great to have the choice and it’s something we can build into our product offering.’

The new folder has also freed up other bindery equipment explained Sharma, ‘Before we would put some jobs straight on the stitch fold trim line – disengaging the stitch element. Now we don’t have to do that.’

Alternatives to Horizon were considered commented Sharma, but the team opted for the winning formula, ‘We already had a number of Horizon systems and our small team are used to using the touch screen set ups. Investing in the AFC-566 meant they were very comfortable with the operation enabling them to confidently move around from one system to another.’

The British Psychological Society represents psychology and psychologists in the UK. It maintains a high standard of professional education and knowledge in a number of ways including the provision of dedicated publications produced by its print department.

For additional information, visit: www.ifsl.uk.com. In Southern Africa, consult Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions: www.ferrostaal.com .

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