24 hours to help those attempting suicide from repeating the act

PETALING JAYA: For those who have just survived a suicide attempt, the next 24 hours are crucial.

They are still vulnerable and likely to attempt suicide again if help is not received soon.

This is why the Welfare Department’s counselling and psychology division takes immediate action to help such people after getting information from the public or Talian Nur hotline.

“Our psychology officers conduct crisis intervention to help strengthen the person’s emotions and help him or her achieve a more stable psychological state.

“Eventually, making them realise that suicide is not a shortcut to solving their problems,” said the division’s deputy director-general Mujah Hamat.

He said family involvement also helped with the person’s emotion, adding that families could become strong pillars of support.

“If they do not have family, we may have to place them under special care, depending on the seriousness of their situation,” he said.

Psychology officers also conduct follow-up intervention to identify the root of the problem.

“Those found to be suffering severe symptoms of depression, anxiety or other psychological troubles, will be referred to the Health Ministry for appropriate medical assistance,” said Mujah.

The counselling and psychology division of the Welfare Department also runs preventive programmes to guide target groups in communities.

“The division also provides help to communities by focusing on how to notice changes in behaviour that could lead to risk of suicide.

“The division also provides consultation, guidance and counselling sessions at the state and district levels, the public can always reach out to us for free services,” said Mujah.

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